Autumn winter squirrel feeding tube

First of all, a thorough inspection of the room, plug loopholes, wiping the cracks, in order to prevent the cold wind blowing into the coop, to ensure safe winter rats.

Secondly, prepare winter vegetables and hay. After harvesting, the winter dishes must be air-dried to prevent deterioration and deterioration until they can be stored on the heap. Winter food dishes can be selected Rutabaga, carrots, cabbage, cabbage, etc., in order to prevent cold and cool to reserve hay, for mattresses overwintering.

Third, do a good job in the selection of breeding rodents, pick light hair, no defects, black eyes, normal eyelashes, no scars on the tail, the nose is not inflammation, no runny, docile, lively, good appetite, coat color Near-age, close-to-age, age-appropriate mature rats are used as seedlings.

Fourth, for the elimination of the species rat and the outdated rat to be included in the commodity rat for feeding, the feeding of the commodity rat is to be fed at full price.

Fifth, we must timely pair the gregarious pups to breed or single breeding. As the weather gets colder, the moles begin to mate and separate when they grow to 500-700 grams. If they do not separate in time, they will inevitably bite and die. For all paired rodents, a new cage should be selected and put into the pool. Then the rats enter the room from the “Seal of Water” mouth to make it a family for the winter.

Sixth, when the weather is not completely cold, it is necessary to change the water once a day or every other day depending on the situation. It is necessary to insist on the release of water until the ice is frozen. The water supply to the pool should not be stopped prematurely to prevent the occurrence of pink eyes in rats.

In short, the management during the late autumn and early winter period needs to take care of the old, middle, young and small age groups of the Mole population. Management is complex and feeding is comprehensive. Therefore, it is necessary to consider comprehensively in order not to neglect one another and cause undue losses.

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