Arowana Technology

A poor arowana's health status indicates that the environment in which it lives is problematic. However, how to avoid this phenomenon and make Arowana healthy and lively requires attention to the following situations: (A) fish tank location Arowana is sometimes more neurotic. When people go i ----more

Diesel engine should pay attention to winter maintenanc…

The poor start-up performance of diesel engines in winter is closely related to the air temperature. The emphasis on strengthening winter maintenance of agricultural diesel engines can improve diesel engine starting performance, prolong its service life, and increase economic efficiency. The main ----more

Hawthorn soaked in water to hurt the stomach

Use dry hawthorn tablets to soak water for tea and lower blood cholesterol. However, some people who had been drinking hawthorn for some time did not have blood lipids, but they first had stomach problems. Professor Long Zhixian of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine said that although drinking h ----more

Winter cucumber gray mold

In winter, the low-temperature and high-humidity climate in the greenhouse is suitable for the propagation of Botrytis cinerea, and Botrytis cinerea mainly infects young larvae, often causing serious losses. Therefore, in the prevention and control of cucumber gray mold in the winter, we must pay a ----more

Prevention of Poisoning by Feeding Poisonous Feed Poiso…

On January 30, 2004, leeches infested a leeches in Wendeng’s mink farm to eat metamorphic feed poisoning, causing massive deaths. Some people may ask: In this cold winter, the feed is easy to preserve, how can it deteriorate? How can the otter be poisoned? In fact, because of the cold weathe ----more

Pay attention to avoid night temperature rebound

How to effectively regulate the night temperature? According to the experience of some vegetable farmers, the reporter summarized the following points. First, the cover on the greenhouse should gradually increase. In recent years, in order to increase the insulation of greenhouses, vegetable farmer ----more

Is it feasible to dilute the pesticide with well water?

It can be said that most well waters can dilute pesticides. However, since most of the pesticides are acidic, for the sake of safety, you can go to the general chemical raw materials sales store and purchase the pH test paper to measure the well water. If the color of the test strip does not change ----more