Lily main pests and control

Lilies are native to East Asia and cultivated in Europe and America as flowers. China collects bulbs as food crops. Lily species are few, but the damage is serious, and the serious disease year loss rate reaches 30% to 60%. In order to do a good job of prevention and control of lily pests, we condu ----more

2BMG-18 no-tillage fertilization fine seeder

The 2BMG-18 no-till fertilization and fine-mining seeder produced by Modern Farming Technology Co., Ltd. can directly perform the sowing operation without cutting the soil. The straw can be cut at one time or the root canal can be cut, ditched, fertilized, sown and pressed. , cover soil, repression ----more

How to choose herbicides for vegetables

Herbicides are selected according to the following principles: vegetable fields should be used as far as possible contact killing herbicides, if Seoul, evil spirits, etc., or use poor herbicides, such as weeding pass. Sulfonylureas and imidazoline herbicides are strictly prohibited before vegetabl ----more

Insect pests and control of edible fungi

First, pest species 1. Bacterial mosquitoes include eye-mosquito, small-mold, large-mold, and rhino mosquitoes. Adults are dark brown or yellow-brown and vary in length from 1.8 to 6 mm. The larvae are milky or gray-white, 4.7 to 16 mm in length and black on the head. The larvae are mainly used to ----more

Pepper seedling management "Three Character Classi…

As the saying goes: “The seedlings are good for half a year.” Pepper seedling management is the focus of the current work. To cultivate pepper seedlings and obtain high quality and high yield, the pepper office prepares an easy-to-understand and convenient memory seedling management â ----more

How to prevent greenhouse weak tomato disease

Too low light tolerance of tomato, referred to as low light disease, is a kind of physiological disease caused by insufficient light, which mainly occurs in the winter and spring seasons. Hazardous characteristics The tomato is sensitive to the light reaction. When the light is insufficient, the gr ----more

How do families keep tea?

Buying back a small package of tea, whether it is a laminated film packed tea or canned tea, must be placed in a dry place. If it is a bulk tea, it can be wrapped in clean white paper and placed in a jar with a desiccant (such as a block of non-deliquescent lime) and an altar. If the amount of tea ----more