Bud Cotton Management

The current cotton has entered the bud period. It takes about 25-30 days for budding flowers to bloom. The bud period is a crucial period for shaping the ideal plant type. It is necessary to coordinate the contradiction between vegetative growth and reproductive growth. In this period, the managem ----more

Late cotton management

The main targets for the later management of cotton are: to promote the maturity of cotton, early vomiting, no premature aging, no greed. To achieve the above goals, we will focus on the following measures: First, strengthen field management, and do a good job of late pruning First, the lush foli ----more

The collection and processing of helium Deng Houqun

Excerpted from: Agricultural Technology Service 2005.04 The osmanthus is processed by the ear glands and skin gland secretions of the amphibians and reptiles, and is a traditional Chinese medicine. Bioactive substances such as steroids and alkaloids contained in wolfberry crisp are widely used for ----more

Pay attention to melon melon wilt

At present, greenhouse melons are in the flowering period. To ensure the harvest of melons, farmers are reminded to guard against wilt disease. Melon wilt disease Melon wilt is one of the serious diseases of melons, often causing death of a large number of melon fields. It is a systemic disease t ----more

Lagerstroemia two breeding methods

Lagerstroemia breeding usually uses sowing and cutting. (1) Seeding and breeding. Sowing method is generally suitable for mass reproduction. The practice is to harvest dry seeds in October when they are ripe, use a small cloth bag and put it in a dry and ventilated place. In March of next year, s ----more

High-efficiency Cultivation Model of Green Broad Beans,…

1. Yield and Benefits In this model, lentils, blue beans, and green soybeans are important bean vegetables in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, with large market sales. The average yield is 800 kilograms of green broad bean pods, 500 kilograms of corn seeds, 400 kilograms of lentils, and 500 kilograms ----more

How to identify the model of agricultural machinery

At present, major agricultural machinery companies distribute a wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment, and some seem to have the same agricultural machinery and equipment, but their numbers are different. In fact, when we look closely we will find that each agricultural machine has it ----more