Feeding management of American king pigeons

First, the choice of breeding pigeons: When choosing to keep the breeding pigeons, we must look at the ancestors in a variety of production performance, such as the number of eggs per year, egg weight, fertilization rate, hatching rate, survival rate of young birds and 28 days old pigeons Weight; i ----more

Insufficient tractor traction

In the process of tractor operation, if there is not enough traction for salty, it must be timely and do not drag the time, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the tractor. The main reasons leading to the lack of tractor head: Valve leakage: tractor valve leakage, characterized by difficu ----more

How does a motorized sprayer work?

At present, the type of motorized sprayer used in stereotyped production has a backpack type, a stretcher type, and a model matching the tractor's traction. The application is more common than the backpack type, and the most widely used type is the Dongfanghong-18 backpack-type mist sprayer. Th ----more

Recycling of crude protein in feed

It is very difficult to change the dietary structure of the people of our country to meat-based foods using traditional methods of feeding. Even the current trend of increasing meat production year by year will stagnate. However, depending on advances in science and technology, a wide range of sour ----more

Eight methods for precipitation in the corn field

1. Standing stalk stalk skin drying: When corn enters the ripening stage, when the grain moisture content is about 40%, it is suitable for precipitation. The method is to open the corn husks and scoop them in the end so that the sticks can be exposed and aired. After about 20 days, the moisture can ----more

Japan discovered that prevention of mad cow disease hel…

Yan Langzi, a researcher at the National Center for Psychiatry and Neurology of Japan, recently discovered two substances that can suppress the abnormality of Prion prion protein and may help to develop drugs for preventing mad cow disease. Prion prion protein abnormalities are responsible for mad ----more