Farmers Safe Grain Storage Technology

Safe grain storage includes two aspects: First, it is to prevent food from being damaged by insects, molds, rodents, and birds, and from fire, flooding, theft, etc. Secondly, attention should be paid to the safety of people and livestock during and after the processing of grain. The practical tech ----more

The key "three days" in raising pigs

There are many key “three days” in the pig raising process. During this period, strengthening the husbandry and management will greatly increase the production efficiency. Three days after mating, three days after mating, it is a crucial period for egg fertilization and fertilized egg ----more

Pine needle health tea processing technology

Pine needles contain large amounts of chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins C and K, rutin, and inorganic salts such as iron, phosphorus, and calcium. Vitamin C can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Vitamin K can promote the body's absorption of calcium and regulate heart functio ----more

Scorpion feed preparation

貉 It absorbs six major nutrients such as water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals (ash) from the feed. Animal feed is the sole source of animal protein for quail feeding. It also contains a certain amount of fats, vitamins, and minerals; vegetal forage is the main source of c ----more

How to make Su Tie new leaves grow short?

The cycads, also known as cycads, draw out a new leaf each spring or early summer or in the fall. If there is not enough light during this period or if the water content in the pelvic soil is too high, the new leaf will grow thin and long, and the ornamental value will be greatly reduced. To preven ----more

Thorn fish breeding technology

The thorny fish are mainly distributed in the south of our country and are one of the most valuable economic fish. Thorn fish and fish are tender, rich in nutrients, and have a wide range of food habits. The market prospects are broad. The polyculture of ponds in the same year can reach the market ----more

Repair of medium-sized tractors

In comparison with the drag inspection requirements, the following requirements for maintenance of medium-sized tractors are proposed: First, the engine part If the engine power, other conditions are normal, due to a longer parking time, nearly a year, the engine should be the three filters (air, ----more