Vegetable paper processing technology and methods

Vegetable paper is made from spinach and its shape and size are similar to those of an ordinary business card. It not only retains the color and nutrition of vegetables, but also has low sugar, low sodium, low fat, instant crisp and delicious, and unique flavor. The successful development of vegeta ----more

Eight points for winter fishing

Winter is the fishing season for pond fish, but improper fishing can cause fish pond disease in the second year. Therefore, when fishing in winter, it must be carefully handled to minimize fish body damage, so as to reduce the occurrence of fish diseases and improve the economic benefits of fish fa ----more

Medical device catalogue

6857 Disinfection and sterilization equipment and apparatus Serial number name Weigh Product For example name Management category 1 Radiation sterilization equipment Medical gamma ray sterilizer II 2 Pressure steam sterilization equipment Pre-vacuum steam sterilizer, autoclave steri ----more

Fresh corn industry urgently needs to break through the…

The fresh corn industry urgently needs to break through the bottleneck. Fresh corn is better than ordinary corn in terms of nutrition and taste. The liquid food is dragged on by the food, and the food and beverages are used by the food industry.庖 崩 崩 崩 抛 抛 抛 ----more

Morphological Analysis of Hg by HPLC-ICP-MS

The concept of elemental form is the development of modern materials and life sciences. If only the total amount of elements in the system is studied, it is not enough to study the physiological and toxicological effects of this element in the system. The behavioral effects of an element do not depe ----more

Application of dry gas seal on centrifuge

Ma Qilin (Daiqing Petrochemical Company Plastics Factory, Daqing 163714, Heilongjiang) The low-pressure polyethylene plant of Daqing Petrochemical Company Plastics Factory is a complete set of equipment imported from Japan. It has three production lines and was put into production in 1986. Each pro ----more

Processing technology of frozen mango pieces

Mango is a famous tropical fruit. Mangoes have a low acid content, a sugar/acid ratio of about 40:1, vitamin C content is not too high, but β-carotene content ranks first among tropical fruits. Mango has a delicate and delicate flesh with a special flavor. It is known as "Tropical Fruit Kin ----more