Grain Rice--Jiaxing 8

Jiaxing No. 8 is a new type of high-quality medium-grained Chinese early-early pod produced by Jiaxing Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Introduced demonstration trials both inside and outside the province, with high quality and high yield, moderate ripening period, resistance to rice blast, late yellow stem stalks, deep dormancy in rice, better resistance to sprouting on spikes, especially in the quality of pellets, suitable for existing small equipment in rural areas. Processing is very popular. This variety has been included as one of the 8 high-quality rice varieties of early indica rice in Zhejiang Province. In April 2001, it was approved by the Zhejiang Crop Variety Approval Committee. In recent years, Jiaxing No. 8 has been rapidly promoted in the southern area of ​​Anhui Province under the derivation of Fengle Xiaonan Branch. For example, in Dangtu, Xuancheng and Wuhu, Jiaxing No. 8 has become one of the main varieties of local early indica. 1 Breeding process In the fall of 1993, the Jiaxing group was crossed and the combination was Zhefu 37//93-14. In 1993, Hainan Jiadai F1, 1994 Jiaxing early rice planting F2, autumn planting F3, 1994 winter Hainan generation promotion. Planting F4, Jiaxing early rice planting in 1995, F5, comparison observation system of observational nursery, selection of the system to return to the autumn F6 production of the original species stereotypes, in 1996 Jiaxing City, early rice product comparison test, also named Jiaxing No. 8. 2 Yield Performance Jiaxing 8 was tested at various places for four consecutive years and the yield was higher than the control variety (Table 1). In the production demonstration, the output also performed better. For example, in 1997, the three groups of Wu Dixiu in Chenjiaba Village, Xizhen Township, Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing County produced 0.317 hm2, with an average yield of 6.600 t/h, an increase of 10.0% over the control Jiahe 758. In 1998, the demonstration project of grain self-supply project in Luzhou City thrown 0.1 hm2, and the average output reached 9.300 t/h. In 1998, Xiangliangfa, a large-scale family of Liangjia Village in Liuliang Town, Tongxiang City, lived 1.2 hm2 with an average yield of 6.750 t/hm2. 3 Characteristics 3.1 Growth period: According to the results of the trials conducted throughout the year, the whole growth period for the cultivation of early rice in Jiaxing No. 8 was 110.3 days similar to that of the control Zhejiang 852, and was also of the middle maturity type. The ripening period is stable, and the larvae are more elastic. The seeding rate is 600 kg/h, the seeding rate is 38 days, and the ear is not eared early. The cold resistance at the seedling stage is strong. The ripening period is stable and the age of the larvae is relatively high. 600 kg/h? Seeding rate is 38 days. The seedlings have strong cold resistance, and the live or cast seedlings have no rot. 3.2 Plant morphology: The plant shape of Jiaxing No. 8 is similar to Guangluai No. 4 and its plant height is about 80cm, which is similar to Jiayu 293. Seedling leaves dark green, lighter in the middle and late. Stronger in tillers, stout stalks are more compact and resistant to fat. The total leaf age is 12 leaves, and the inverted 3 leaves are shorter, thicker and jerk, and the panicle type is medium, the grains are denser, the ripening is consistent, and the grains are bright yellow. In Jiaxing, the earliest mature crops were cultivated at the early three crops, and the average effective ear was 4.47 million/h. The total grain size per panicle was 70, the grain weight was 25 g, and the seed setting rate was 85%. 3.3 Resistance: After artificial inoculation and natural induced identification in 1997 by Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the resistance to rice blast was better than that of the control Jiayu 293. The resistance to bacterial blight is basically similar to that of the control Jiayu 293. 3.5 quality: Jiaxing 8 reunion, taste similar to ordinary late glutinous rice. According to the results of the Ministry of Agriculture's Rice Quality Supervision, Inspection and Test Center, Jiaxing No. 8 has five criteria including polished rice rate, polished rice rate, alkali depletion value, gel consistency, and protein content. The four indicators of degree, transparency and amylose content reached the standard of high-quality rice. 4 Cultivation points 4.1 Cultivate the strong quail, transplanting at the right age: sowing rate of 525 ?/h?, with the amount of 90?/h?. Before soaking seed drying 1 ~ 2 d, "402" fungicide 2 000 times soaking for 48 h, clear water shower 1 time, that is, lineage germination. The ratio is 1:5. The transplanting time of 30 days or 6 leaves was appropriate. The transplanting period was used to determine the appropriate sowing time. Seedling cultivation, the young age should be short, winter free field or green manure, grasp about 20 days, Chunhua spring grain control within 15 days, the amount per plant sowing, dry seeds to calculate 70 ~ 75 g, pedestal 1000 ~ 1100/hm2 plate Strong and strong. The amount of seeds used for direct seeding cultivation is 60?/h? 4.2 Reasonable dense planting and cultivating shallow planting: Transplanting 450,000 bushes/h?, with about 4 strains of glutinous and vigorous cultivars per ploughing and 1.8 million/hm2 of falling field seedlings, making the highest seedlings 5.7 million/h? 4.2 million / h?. Seedling cultivation requires uniform foot seedlings, throwing planting 45 to 500,000 bushes/hm2, about 1,000 plates. Each group of 3 to 4 strong seedlings, about 1.5 million / hm2 fell field seedlings. 4.3 Management of Scientific Fertilizer Water: Within 2~3 days after planting, it is required to protect the seedlings with deep water, and then the shallow water will be sent to the tree to enter dry and wet alternation after the peak of tillering. Fertilization is done before the promotion, in the stable, after the control, base fertilizer 50%, Miaofei 40%, 10% panicle fertilizer. 4.4 Prevention and control of pests and weeds: Jiaxing No. 8 is more resistant to rice blast, and the prevention and control of rice stem borer, yellow rice stem borer, rice leaf roller and leaf sheath blight should be emphasized. 5 to 7 days after planting combined with top dressing chemical weeding. In broad-leaved weed-based farmland, 10% benzethonium 225g/h?, farmland dominated by grasses, 50% chlorate herbicide 2.250 l/h?, two kinds of weeds are symbiotic. Farmland can butachlor plus benzathine mixed application. The spraying time should avoid the high temperature above 30°C to prevent phytotoxicity. After application, keep 2~3? Water layer 3~4d.

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