Rapeseed applied boron

Boron fertilizer has been used in rapeseed production for many years, and it has obvious effect on promoting rapeseed production, and the serious soil effect of boron deficiency is more significant. However, in the process of promoting the application of boron fertilizer in rapeseed, there are quite a number of farmers who do not fully understand the need for boron in rapeseed. First, some farmers only use boron fertilizer in the base fertilizer and ignore the topdressing of boron fertilizer. Second, only pay attention to it. Spraying fertilizer during flowering, using flower spray fertilizer to replace boron throughout the course; Third, it is considered that boron is not used during seedling stage, spraying fertilizer at seedling stage is basically stopped; fourth, although boron is applied, it is insufficient; the fifth is not paying attention to the quality of boron fertilizer. Use only low-level (effective amount is less than 5%), low-priced boron fertilizer, reluctant to use high-grade, high-content, high-quality boron fertilizer. Therefore, symptoms of boron deficiency often appear to varying degrees at various stages of the rape growth process. In order to properly and better apply the rapeseed boron fertilizer, when rapeseed sowing is about to come, all localities should pay attention to several tasks. First, comprehensively raise awareness of the need for boron in rapeseed. Although boron is a trace element, it is an irreplaceable element of rape breeding. Brassica napus is very sensitive to boron deficiency and has symptoms at all reproductive periods. Seedlings lack boron, the roots are small and fine, the root neck is swollen, and the leaves turn brown and gradually wither. Lei moss lack of boron, leaf shrinkage, veins and around the yellow, there are purple plaques. Boron deficiency during flowering, petal shrinkage, bud atrophy or even dry, pods do not inflate or become deformed, there is a genital warts, known as flowers rather than real. Therefore, it is not possible to apply boron fertilizer to rape at a certain period of time. Boron must be applied throughout. Second, multiple methods and use, flexible application of boron fertilizer. The first is to use basal fertilizer before sowing, apply about 1 kg of borax per acre, or hold the weight of 0.2-0.5 kg of boron; second, use seedlings to transplant and plant borax 0.1% 0.2% per acre for 2-3 days before planting. Solution 50 kg. Or when planting with 0.2% borax roots; Third, after the winter season after planting, spray 0.2% of Sorole Boron solution, 60 kilograms per mu; fourth is sprayed with 0.2% Sorole Boron solution per acre 60-70 kilograms; Fifth, the initial flowering speed of boron solution is about 80 kg per mu. Third, pay attention to the quality of boron fertilizer, pay attention to the application method. Do not try to be cheap and only use low-concentration salinity boron fertilizers. Advocate the use of high-content boron or sudra boron. When used as a basal fertilizer, it is best to mix with organic fertilizers, farmyard fertilizers, or with other inorganic fertilizers. For top-dressing applications, one must be fully dissolved, and the other must be controlled usage. The third is to not re-spray or spray.

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