"Frozen shed" has good disease prevention effect

Most arch shelters have gradually entered the leisure period as the weather turns cold in winter. During this period, there is an important thing to do, that is, to freeze the shed during the freezing period. The types and varieties of arbor crops are relatively scattered, mainly eggplant, tomato, watermelon, melon, pumpkin, sweet pepper, and so on. Now, the growth limit of the pathogenic bacteria that frequently occurs in some crops is considered. Eggplant botrytis cinerea sclerotia wintering in the surface and soil, sclerotial formation temperature is 7-8 °C. Tomato leaf mold, with mycelium or mycelium overwintering, the temperature limit for the development of pathogens is 9-34°C. Tomato gray mold with sclerotia wintering in the soil, the development of the temperature limit of 2-31 °C. In the case of root-knot nematode disease, most of our sheds here are southern root-knot nematodes. The lowest temperature in their development period is 10°C, which is less than 10°C. Whitefly, which does not survive at low temperatures in winter, overwinters in various greenhouses in greenhouses. With these data, it can be fully demonstrated that the cold-storage shed is a basis and it is necessary. How to operate the frozen shed? First, we must clean the pastoral. The crops were transported out of the shed and cleaned. Then turn the floor. Deeply turn the soil around 30cm, but do not break or flatten the soil. The bigger the gap, the better. Followed by cooling. If you have not replaced the membrane with a new one, you can directly remove the film. If you have already changed the membrane, remove the windshield on both sides. All the tuyeres will open and the bigger the better. The greenhouses enter the natural rapid freezing period. Some farmers have also put organic fertilizers such as chicken droppings and duck droppings into their sheds and spread them evenly. As a result of these manure, there are a lot of pathogenic bacteria. After freezing, some pathogens in the manure can also be killed. Through such a process of freezing sheds, the number of pathogenic spores that are scattered and present in the shed will be reduced, and accordingly, the incidence of pests and diseases in vegetables under the sheds will be reduced.

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