Polaroid is an anti-yellowing leaf virus disease tomato cultivar selected by France's Corus Vegetable Seed Company. This variety is an infinitely growing powdered fruit variety, with medium-early maturity, strong growth, moderate internode, strong continuous fruit setting, high yield, and good quality. About 4 fruits per panicle, uniform size, fruit-shaped high-round slightly flat, single fruit weight of about 200 grams, turn color fast, bright colors, uniform color, no green shoulders, thick skin, good hardness, resistance to storage and transportation. Anti-tobacco mosaic virus disease, potato mosaic virus disease, root knot nematode disease, resistance to wilt and Verticillium wilt. The cultivation of early spring greenhouses in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River is generally planted from mid-November to mid-December, and planted from early January to early February. The harvest is harvested from early April to early June; the cultivation of autumn greenhouses is usually planted in mid-late July, and the middle of August. The planting will be carried out in the late period of the harvest and the market will be harvested from late October to mid-February.

In early spring, cultivation and seedlings need insulation and heating facilities, and at the same time cover the plastic film (removed at the time of emergence), and the seedbed temperature is controlled at 25°C or more to ensure the emergence rate. Seedling management to control water and fertilizer-based, lighting should be sufficient. The daytime temperature is maintained at 20-25°C and is maintained at 13-16°C during the night. Usually 20 to 25 days after sowing, the seedlings have 2 to 3 true leaves when the seedlings. 3 to 5 days before seedlings, the bed temperature should be properly lowered and the temperature should be kept at the lower limit of the suitable temperature for low temperature training before seedling separation. Split seedlings should be selected for sunny weather. Spray water into the bed 1 day before seedling to facilitate lifting. When the seedlings are divided, the seedlings can be directly transplanted into the nutrient pods or nutritious soil blocks with a spacing of 10 cm. Seedlings were sprayed with 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. If the seedlings were light in color, they could be sprayed with 0.2% urea solution.

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