Diesel engine should pay attention to winter maintenance

The poor start-up performance of diesel engines in winter is closely related to the air temperature. The emphasis on strengthening winter maintenance of agricultural diesel engines can improve diesel engine starting performance, prolong its service life, and increase economic efficiency. The main points of maintenance are as follows:

The agricultural diesel engine is parked in the open air at night. When the temperature is lower than 4 degrees, the cooling water in the cooling water tank should be drained. This will not damage the cooling water tank radiator due to water volume expansion. In winter, fuel should be selected for diesel. When the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, diesel 0 should be used. Otherwise, diesel should be heated properly before starting. The diesel engine is difficult to start or can not be accelerated after starting. First, check whether diesel oil will precipitate wax and block the oil circuit. In the night, the heat engine should release the crankcase lubrication oil. Before starting the diesel engine the next day, the engine oil should be heated to 80-90 degrees and then added to the crankcase to increase the temperature and quickly improve the lubrication effect of each lubrication point. The diesel engine water tank increases the temperature of the body by adding hot water of 70-90 degrees, which is the most effective method for the diesel engine to start in winter.

When the diesel engine is started by electric or manual start, the throttle is first turned off so that the high-pressure oil pump is temporarily not supplied with oil. After the crankshaft rotates for several weeks, the lubrication oil in the crankcase is delivered to each lubrication point, and then the throttle is opened for a successful start. After the diesel engine starts, it should run for 3-5 minutes at a low speed, so that the temperature of the entire diesel engine can be increased, and the matching relationship of the moving parts can be normalized. It can be checked whether the working condition of the lubricating oil is normal before the diesel engine can be put into operation.

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