Tea drinking - different seasons

At the time when mankind has entered a highly civilized world, drinking tea at home and abroad has become a common practice. Some people even said: "It would be better to have no food on the day and no tea on a day." It can be seen that tea occupies an important position in people's daily life.

China is the hometown of tea. Tea, tea, and tea all originated in China. The Chinese have a certain amount of knowledge about drinking tea, and pay attention to different seasons. In summary, namely: spring drink tea; summer drink green tea; autumn drink green tea; winter drink black tea. The scientific reason is:

Drink tea in the spring, can be distributed in winter cold body accumulated in the human body, rich fragrant tea, can promote the occurrence of human yang.

In summer, it is better to drink green tea. Because green tea is bitter and cold, it can clear away heat, cool off heat, detoxify, and quench thirst.

In the autumn, it is better to drink green tea. This tea is not cold or hot, it can eliminate the body's residual heat, restore the flow, a net two.

In the winter, drinking black tea is ideal. Black tea is sweet and warm, rich in protein, and helps digestion, body filling, and strengthening the body.

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