Winter cucumber gray mold

In winter, the low-temperature and high-humidity climate in the greenhouse is suitable for the propagation of Botrytis cinerea, and Botrytis cinerea mainly infects young larvae, often causing serious losses. Therefore, in the prevention and control of cucumber gray mold in the winter, we must pay attention to four points: Pay attention to air release and humidity. When the temperature in the shed reaches 25 degrees Celsius or above, appropriate amount of air is blown to remove moisture from the shed; when the temperature drops too much, close the tuyere and wait for the temperature to rise and then release the air. This will be repeated several times to achieve the purpose of dehumidification. Apply medication before watering. The fungicide is sprayed on the day before watering, and the smoke agent is discharged after watering, which can well control the occurrence of gray mold. Prevent medication. When spraying squash or squid, add a chemical such as Botrytis cinerea to prevent the occurrence of gray mold. Other commonly used preventive agents include pyrimethanil, ash core, epiphylamine, and gray Mei Jia. Severe preventive measures. Once the botrytis infection has spread, the following empirical formula spray can be used immediately to control the yield loss to a minimum. Formula One: Botrytis cinerea net 600 times plus Phytophoramine (one assembly) plus 1500 times the liquid plus Tianwei 3 500 times. Formula two: gray mold absolutely 500 times liquid plus crown long pyrimidine 600 times liquid plus aolito 500 times liquid plus Yi Nonda 2nd 750 times liquid for prevention and treatment.

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