Prevention of Poisoning by Feeding Poisonous Feed Poison in Winter

On January 30, 2004, leeches infested a leeches in Wendeng’s mink farm to eat metamorphic feed poisoning, causing massive deaths. Some people may ask: In this cold winter, the feed is easy to preserve, how can it deteriorate? How can the otter be poisoned? In fact, because of the cold weather, the person in charge of the field was paralyzed and thought that a net purchase of two tons of meat and bone mud feed (at the time the field required 50 kilograms) did not enter the cold storage and was all piled on the ground in the feed room. The floor of the feed room is not like the cold storage equipment, the underground heating gradually slows down the feed near the ground in the clams and deteriorates, causing the water clams to eat poisoning into a disaster. In December 2007, Wendeng Cold Set purchased a batch of naturally-frozen chicken intestines from a certain place in Heilongjiang Province, causing a large number of eel poisoning. After investigation, the author learned that the original batch of chicken intestines had a week-long warming flow in the area and had frozen for more than half a month before it was frozen. Every frozen party’s intestines, both on the ground and in the frozen side, have deteriorated. Just looking at the surface is only a bit airy and there is no big problem. Therefore, the careless farms think that this big winter is coming from the northeast and that there is no problem with the chicken intestines. If anyone knows that there is a loss of Jingzhou, he will suffer heavy losses and regret. In the past winter, a field was reported to me, saying that his father would not like to eat on weekends. I was very surprised to go and investigate. The results showed that the field once steamed once a week and waited for a long time on the weekends. It's natural that you don't like to eat this stuff. The above situation occurs from winter to winter and winter is a kind of beast. As long as poisoning occurs, it will cause great losses in production. Therefore, farmers are reminded to be vigilant. Don't buy too much at one time. Purchase a feed check. Feed the feed room to clean up the feed each time. Don't run out of stock and get a new one. Do not think that the weather is cold, careless, once you have no regrets.

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