Pay attention to avoid night temperature rebound

How to effectively regulate the night temperature? According to the experience of some vegetable farmers, the reporter summarized the following points. First, the cover on the greenhouse should gradually increase. In recent years, in order to increase the insulation of greenhouses, vegetable farmers have added more and more layers of coverings to the greenhouses. Besides weeding curtains, there is also a layer of non-woven fabrics and a layer of floating membranes. Some growers even make non-woven fabrics. A thin film was set below. Although the effect of heat preservation is good, the reporter found that many vegetable farmers have plans to save time. When weaving the straw curtains, the straw curtains, non-woven fabrics, and films will be put on one-off. This will undoubtedly cause the night temperature in the shed to be too high. The growth of vegetables is abnormal. Therefore, the reporter believes that when a greenhouse is first added, it should be added layer by layer according to weather changes, not all at once. Just as we add clothes, we should first add sweaters and then add cotton, if the weather has just changed When you wear cold, you can't wear it. Therefore, it is best for the peasant farmers to be troubled. It is best to start with the straws first, and then add the non-woven fabrics and floating membranes as the weather becomes colder. Second, we must put straw curtains as late as possible. If it is found that the night temperature is easy to rebound, we should put the straw curtain as late as possible. Under normal circumstances, the most suitable night temperature of vegetables is mostly between 15-18 °C. We can wait until the temperature in the shed drops to 10-12 °C and then weave the straw curtain so that it can reach the proper temperature for vegetable growth after the night temperature rebounds. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the cooling of the air at night. When the above measures cannot be used to lower the night temperature, it may be used to cool off at night. There are two ways: one is to put a straw on the upper air vent before putting the straw curtain. When the outside temperature is too high, you can not close the air outlet, and then drop the straw screen. In this way, the air inside and outside the shed can still be conveced through the straw curtain, so as to achieve a cooling effect. The second is to lift the shed film at the front face of the greenhouse directly at night and cool it down. Be careful not to open the grass at the front face, so as to avoid the impact of excessive ventilation on the normal growth of vegetables.

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