Is it feasible to dilute the pesticide with well water?

It can be said that most well waters can dilute pesticides. However, since most of the pesticides are acidic, for the sake of safety, you can go to the general chemical raw materials sales store and purchase the pH test paper to measure the well water. If the color of the test strip does not change to green or blue, it means that the well water is neutral or acidic, and the pesticides other than copper preparations and lime sulfur can be diluted. In addition, for diluting herbicides such as glyphosate, paraquat, etc., if the well water is turbid, it cannot be used so as not to reduce the herbicide efficacy.

The frequency of the ultrasonic energy meter is 1 megahertz (1 million Hz / s), the direction is accurate, and the penetration is strong. Through the three major effects of sound waves (mechanical, warm, physical and chemical effects) on various parts of the human body, to achieve the role of massage relaxation.

Ultrasound Therapy Machine

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