What is the most beneficial longevity for dinner?

The best time for dinner is around 18:00, do not sleep within 4 hours after dinner

Everyone knows that the effect of calcium supplementation before going to bed is good, such as drinking a glass of milk before going to bed to promote sleep and make up for calcium. We also know that the content of calcium in the shrimp skin is very rich, so some people think that the effect of eating calcium supplements before eating to sleep will exceed that of milk. In fact, this view is completely wrong, it can not only achieve the purpose of calcium, it is more likely to increase the risk of urinary tract stones.

The shrimp is rich in nutrients, with calcium content as high as 991 mg/100 g (the recommended daily intake of calcium for adults is 800 mg). It is known as "the storehouse of calcium," and the shrimp skin also has effects such as appetizers and phlegm-removing. However, it should be noted that it is precisely because of the high calcium content of the shrimp, so you can not eat at night, so as not to cause urinary tract stones. Because the main component of urinary calculi is calcium, and calcium contained in food is absorbed and utilized by the intestinal wall, excess calcium is discharged from the urine. The peak of calcium excretion in human body is generally 4 to 5 hours after dinner, and dinner food contains too much calcium, or dinner is too late, or even before going to bed to eat shrimp, when the peak calcium arrival, people have gone to bed, the urine will All stays in the urinary tract and cannot be excreted in time. In this way, the calcium content of the urine in the urinary tract continues to increase, and is continuously deposited, and urinary stones are easily formed over time. Panasonic Hospital in Japan had conducted a survey of 270 urolithiasis patients, 97 of whom mostly had dinner after 21 o'clock. 25 people had the habit of going to bed after eating supper.

Therefore, the evening calcium can not be too much too late, the choice of calcium foods choose to easily digest and absorb. Drinking a glass of milk 1 to 2 hours before bedtime is a very good option.

In addition, studies have shown that dinner is a good night's sleep. The correct dinner should eat 8 full, to feel less hungry. The best time for dinner is around 6pm and try not to exceed 9pm. It is best not to eat any solid food after 9pm. Also, do not go to bed for four hours after dinner so that you can fully digest the food you eat at night.

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