New technology allows bone marrow and organ transplantation to enter a new era

Release date: 2010-08-10

When bone marrow and other organs are transplanted, the higher the compatibility of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) between donor and recipient, the lower the incidence of rejection, the higher the success rate of transplantation and the long-term survival rate of transplanted organs. On the contrary, the more likely the rejection reaction occurs. Beginning in July, Shenzhen Huada Gene uses next-generation sequencing technology to read thousands of samples of HLA sequence data in one experiment and achieve the highest resolution of HLA typing at one time, while also discovering new ones. Allele. There is a qualitative leap in detecting flux, data quality, and cost control. The use of this new technology for high-resolution matching is less than half the cost of traditional technology, avoiding the additional economic burden of multiple-matching patients and also gaining valuable time for treatment.
At present, most of the HLA typing data in China's bone marrow bank are low-resolution, which can not ensure the true matching of donor and patient HLA. Patients often need high-resolution review with multiple low-resolution matching volunteers to find a truly suitable donor. . The high-resolution matching is expensive, and the cost of a high-allocation can reach 10,000 yuan. The latest HLA typing technology of Huada Gene makes it possible to establish a high-resolution HLA database. High-resolution databases not only help to find suitable donors quickly and accurately, but also greatly improve the use of bone marrow libraries, and provide basic data support for HLA scientific research and technological innovation.
Wang Jian, dean of the Huada Gene Research Institute, said that Huada Gene plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to support the domestic bone marrow library to convert existing low-resolution data into high-resolution typing data to improve the success of matching and transplantation. Rate, so that patients really benefit. At the same time, Huada Gene is working with relevant experts in the field of hematology in China to develop new technologies for leukemia gene diagnosis, and conduct large-scale leukemia epidemiology screening in China to provide first-hand scientific data for clinical diagnosis and treatment of leukemia.

Source: Technology Daily

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