Clever knowledge of new and old diesel engines have three methods

According to the experience of some technical personnel and old operators, to identify the oldness of the old diesel engine, we can adopt one-question, two-view, and three-test methods to test-based methods.
One question: It is to inquire about the purchase time, use and sales reasons of the diesel engine, the repaired conditions, and which major parts have been replaced, and what problems are in use, so as to have a more comprehensive understanding of the aircraft.
Second, look at: first is to see whether the model is a knock-out model, and then look at the new and old diesel engine from the outside, and finally check whether the parts are complete, with or without damage.
Three tests: The test machine, the specific steps are:
1. The crankshaft is cranked to make the fuel supply to the fuel injection pump. For example, the injection nozzle emits a crisp injection sound, indicating that the performance of the plunger and injector is still good; if there is no abnormal sound in the gear chamber, the wear of the gear is not serious.
2. Sway up and down the flywheel, such as no sound, no significant shaking, indicating that the crankshaft main journal and the bearing gap is not large; rotating flywheel, such as no squeaking, indicating crankshaft connecting rod journal and connecting rod wear is not serious.
3. The cylinder is decompressed and the crankshaft is cranked. When the decompression is removed, if the piston's rebound force is large, the flywheel is rapidly rotated, indicating that the cylinder sleeve, the piston, and the piston ring have little wear. At this time, the oil pressure gauge should read no less than 1 or the oil pressure indicates that the red buoy can rise quickly. Hand pressure buoys should be laborious.
4. It is easier to start the diesel engine, the exhaust is colorless or light gray, the rotation speed is stable, and there is no noise, indicating that the diesel engine is in good technical condition.
Through the above methods, the quality of the old diesel engine can be generally distinguished. In this way, the price of the old diesel engine is more accurate.

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