Poultry hair removal machine tips

The poultry hair removal machine is composed of a glue stick and a motor. The glue stick is made of beef tendon stick. The structure of the poultry is simple, durable and easy to operate. It is very suitable for the majority of poultry processing professional households, roast duck, roast chicken, workshops, restaurants, hotels, institutions, school canteens and other units. This machine has many advantages such as clean, fast, efficient and convenient. Effectively relieved thousands of years of poultry after the manual plucking, dirty and tired hard work. One machine is equivalent to the manual plucking of ten people. At the same time, it can remove the chicken, duck skin pores and all dirt, simple and convenient, clean and tidy, can exhaust five chickens and ducks in one minute, once processed 300, underarm The feathers can be dried and sold to increase income. Choosing this machine is indeed the ideal equipment for your hard work and getting rich!

1. Check each part after unpacking. If the screw is loose during transportation, re-reinforce it. Turn the chassis by hand to see if it is flexible. Otherwise, adjust the rotating belt.

2. After the position of the machine is determined, install a knife switch or pull switch on the wall of the small poultry hair removal machine.

3 When the chicken and duck are killed, the knife edge should be as small as possible. After slaughter, the chicken and duck should be dipped in warm water (about 30 degrees) to make the plumage warm. It is best to put some salt in the warm water to avoid the mane. When the skin is damaged, it is easier for the poultry hair removal machine to remove hair quickly.

4. Heat the soaked chicken and duck in hot water of about 75 degrees, and stir it with a wooden stick to make it hot evenly. 5. Put the hot chicken and duck into the machine, and put 1-5 at a time.

6. Turn on the knife switch of the poultry hair removal machine . When the machine starts and runs, add water to the poultry. It is best to use hot water. The feathers and dirt under the arm are discharged together with the water. The water can be recycled and it will be used in one minute. Feathers, except for the whole body skin dirt

The hair removal effect of the poultry hair removal machine is very high. Poultry should be soaked in boiling water before depilation and then depilated. If the poultry is relatively tender, then the boiled water only needs to soak all the poultry and wet it. If the foaming time is long Do not take off the hair removal machine, it will also damage the delicate skin of the poultry. On the contrary, the poultry is older, so the time of soaking in boiling water can be longer! The Haobo Food Machinery is dedicated to providing you with convenient and fast life!

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