How does a motorized sprayer work?

At present, the type of motorized sprayer used in stereotyped production has a backpack type, a stretcher type, and a model matching the tractor's traction. The application is more common than the backpack type, and the most widely used type is the Dongfanghong-18 backpack-type mist sprayer. The 1E40F gasoline engine (1.6 hp) is powered by a high-pressure centrifugal fan. The engine crankshaft directly drives the fan shaft to rotate at 5,000 rpm. The storage kit is a storage tank and a storage box. It only needs to replace different parts in the storage box. The nozzle is mainly composed of plastic parts. The same supervisor is used for both mist and dusting, and different parts can be replaced on it. Both the engine and the fan are fixed to the frame by a damper device to reduce the vibrations they generate at high speed and transmit it to the frame. Its mist working principle: When the engine crankshaft driven fan impeller rotates at high speed, the high pressure air flow generated by the fan, most of which flows to the nozzle through the fan outlet, a small part flows through the inlet valve, hose, filter to reach the storage tank The space on the liquid surface exerts a certain pressure on the liquid surface. The liquid medicine passes through the powder door, the outlet plug connector, the infusion tube, and the switch under the pressure of the wind to reach the nozzle (the so-called gas pressure infusion). The nozzle is located at the throat of the mist nozzle. When the air flow from the fan outlet passes through it, the cross section suddenly decreases and the flow rate suddenly increases, creating a negative pressure at the nozzle. The liquid is discharged from the nozzle under the positive pressure of the liquid in the storage tank and under the influence of the negative pressure here, and it just meets the high-speed air flow from the nozzle. Since the flow rates of the two are very different and the direction is vertical, the high-speed air stream will cut the fine stream or rough droplets from the nozzle into small droplets with a diameter of 100~150μm, and carry it through the airflow to the far side. The airflow further dispersed the tiny droplets and finally settled down. Most of the high-speed air flow generated by the fan flows through the outlet of the fan to the elbow and nozzle, and a small part enters the powder blowing tube through the intake valve. As the wind speed is high and the air pressure is high, the air flow is blown out from the small hole of the powder blowing tube, and the powder at the bottom of the medicine storage box is loosened and blown toward the powder door (the so-called air flow). At the same time, because most of the high-speed air flows through the elbow at the outlet of the fan, it causes a certain degree of vacuum at the outlet of the powder feeder. Therefore, when the powder door switch is opened, the powder can pass through the powder door, and the powder feeding tube is sucked into the elbow. A large number of high-speed air streams are mixed and blown through the nozzles to the crop.

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