Insufficient tractor traction

In the process of tractor operation, if there is not enough traction for salty, it must be timely and do not drag the time, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the tractor. The main reasons leading to the lack of tractor head: Valve leakage: tractor valve leakage, characterized by difficult start, the engine sound is not normal. This requires removing the cylinder head, removing the valve spring and turning the cylinder head over, but the cylinder head should be cushioned underneath to prevent the valve stem from touching the ground. After the cylinder cover is laid flat, use clean diesel oil to pour into the valve groove. If the oil leaks and proves the leak, use the valve grinding sand and the special tool to grind it until it does not leak oil. If not, you have to replace the valve and the gas door. Valve spring breaking: Due to prolonged use, it may be due to quality. Valve spring breaks often occur. Especially the inner spring, when the valve cover is removed, it is not easy to be found broken, so to remind the operator, we must remove the locking piece to check the inner spring so as not to find the reason. The excessive wear of the piston pin and the connecting rod respectively: the friction between the piston pin and the copper sleeve, and between the connecting rod and the crankshaft, will give off a "dang" sound, the tractor is weak and should be repaired in time, otherwise it will directly affect the connecting rod. The lifespan even harmed the barrel piston and the crankshaft. Clutch slipping: Due to the use of multiple clutches, the clutch plates wear excessively and the rivets are exposed. Although they can be pulled when there is no pull, they will feel insufficient traction once the goods are pulled. The new clutch plates should be replaced. Valve clearance is small: a small valve clearance will increase the engine temperature of the tractor and increase the water consumption. The adjustment of the valve clearance should be adjusted with a valve clearance gauge, the intake valve clearance is 0.35 mm, and the exhaust valve clearance is 0.4 mm. . Water tank plugging: The tractor water tank is used for cooling and heat dissipation. Due to the inconvenience of adding dirt and water in the water, the scale of the water tank can be used as a problem. The circulation hole of the water tank is blocked, the water cannot be circulated, the temperature of the engine is increased, and the water tank is opened, causing the tractor to be weak. The piston ring is broken: The piston ring of the engine is broken, especially the air ring is broken, which directly affects the normal operation of the cylinder piston. The tractor has large smoke, insufficient compression, and no power. This situation easily damages the piston of the cylinder barrel and should be repaired or replaced in time.

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