How to identify the model of agricultural machinery

At present, major agricultural machinery companies distribute a wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment, and some seem to have the same agricultural machinery and equipment, but their numbers are different. In fact, when we look closely we will find that each agricultural machine has its own model, which shows the type, main features and basic performance of the machine. The product numbering and naming are determined according to the ministerial standard NJ89-74 “Rules for the production of agricultural machinery product models” formulated by the country. Now take the 1LYQ-722 model as an example. The meaning it represents is described as follows:
1L indicates the category of the implement. It can be divided into two parts: The number 1 indicates the classification number of the implement. According to the standard, the agricultural implements are divided into 10 categories: 1 means cultivating and soil preparation machinery, 2 means planting and fertilizing machinery, 3 means field management and plant protection machinery, and 4 means Harvesting machinery, 5 represents threshing cleaning and drying machinery, 6 represents agricultural and sideline product processing machinery, 7 represents loading and unloading transport machinery, 8 represents drainage and irrigation machinery, 9 represents livestock machinery, and 0 represents other machinery. For other machines, 0 is not required when programming the machine model. The Chinese pinyin letter L, which is the category number of the cultivator, is represented by the pinyin prefix of the basic name of the product, and L is the pinyin prefix of the word “plow”.
YQ is the second part of the product model, which is the product's feature code. The standard stipulates that the feature code is represented by the pinyin prefix of the product's main features (structural features, dynamic categories). The Chinese pinyin letter Y indicates that the working part of the machine is a disk, and Y is a Chinese pinyin prefix of the word “circle”. The Chinese pinyin letter Q indicates that the working part of the machine is driven, and Q is the Chinese pinyin prefix of the word “drive”. According to the standard, driven working parts are not marked with letters.
722 is the third part of the product model, it represents the main parameters of the machine. It is also divided into two parts: 1 in the leftmost position 7 indicates that the number of working parts is 7; the last two 22 indicates that the cultivating in a single working part is 22 centimeters. So 1LYQ-722 means that this is a drive disc plough and the total cultivable width is 154 cm.

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