Use growth regulators to pay attention to what

Since the characteristics of plant growth regulators vary greatly, in order to make them effective, the following points should be taken into account when using them: First, each plant growth regulator is not a panacea, and it is necessary to clearly understand the various regulators. Performance can solve the problem in production. The use of plant growth regulators can never replace day-to-day management measures. Second, select the optimal concentration According to the performance of various regulators, the optimal concentration of different plants for the first test, refer to the existing data, select different gradient concentrations for testing, determine the effective concentration and then expand the application. Third, the concentration unit is currently expressed in units of the concentration of millions of parts and two percentages. When formulating a solution, be sure to read the concentration notation and must not be careless. Fourth, the effective concentration should be noted before using the product packaging instructions and effective concentration, must be prepared according to the actual content of the solution. Fifth, the climate when using the current method is mostly foliar spray, the plants through the pores to absorb liquid medicine. If the temperature is too low, the leaf surface will absorb slowly; if the temperature is too high, the liquid medicine will easily evaporate, causing excessive unabsorbed chemicals to precipitate on the surface of the leaves, which is harmful to plant tissues. In order to fully absorb the liquid, it is best to spray in the afternoon or the evening in the summer, and dew on the next morning helps the medicine to be absorbed. If it rains within 4 hours after treatment, it must be re-sprayed. If watering the soil, do not use too much water to avoid the loss of chemicals from the pelvic floor and affect the efficacy. Sixth, the size of the plant should be adjusted according to the size of the plant, the appropriate concentration. VII. Adding Surfactants If there are hairy or waxy solutions on the leaves of the plants, they are not easily adsorbed on the leaves. The appropriate amount of surfactant or 0.2% neutral detergent is added to the formulated solution, which helps the liquid to adsorb on the surface of the leaf and make it fully absorbed. 8. Containers that are to be used cleanly must be washed to prevent residual chemicals from damaging non-target plants or altering the concentration of other liquids that affect the effective concentration of the liquid. Nine, carefully mix most growth regulators can be directly dissolved in water, auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins and other preparation should refer to the pharmaceutical profile. If you want to mix two or more pharmaceuticals, or mix them with pesticides, you must first understand their properties and do not mix them blindly. Ten, with the use of a good solution with the best one-time use, in order to avoid denaturation or loss of efficacy.

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