Summer autumn transplanted trees should pay attention to the problem

In summer and autumn, we have transplanted the well-planted, live-breeding trees and big trees planted for many years. In order to increase the survival rate, special measures can be taken in addition to the conventional methods.
1, depending on the diameter of the breast diameter to determine the size of the earth ball diameter of the transplanted tree is less than 10 cm in diameter (including 10 cm) of the earth ball diameter of not less than 40 cm, earth ball height is not less than 40 cm; diameter at 11-15 cm, Earthball diameter is generally not less than 80 centimeters. Earth ball height is 40-60 centimeters. If the diameter of breast diameter is more than 15 centimeters, the diameter and height of soil ball are determined according to need.
2. The number of appropriate thinnings should be determined according to the tree species and the weather conditions at that time. Dry weather should be properly sparse. On the contrary, it should be less sparse, but it generally requires 30% to 40%. Whether it is the main branch or branch, the top of the branch must be cut 30-40 cm. For example, eucalyptus, you must remove all the leaves.
3, protect dry stem trunk generally use straw rope from the ground to the first branch. The entire process of lifting and transportation should be done so as not to damage the trunks and branches. If you inadvertently touch (press) the trunk, you should dig out the loose bark at the site of injury and immediately apply Vaseline. You can also use a 0.03% solution of potassium permanganate to rinse it, and then wrap it (wrap).
4. The width, depth, and depth of the transplant pits generally require that the transplant pits have a length, width, and depth of 1.5 meters. Large trees should also be properly enlarged. Small trees (below 10 cm in diameter) do not shrink. The pit is filled with 7 kg of mixed soil containing 2 kg of phosphorus as the main compound fertilizer, and then filled to the ground.
5. When planting the details for planting, first pour the water along the edge of the tree pit, and in the dry season, it must be thoroughly drenched so that the wall of the pit is fully absorbent. If you get heavy rain, you can stop pouring. After the watermark has dried slightly, a small pit is dug in the center of the transplant pit. The size and depth are basically the same as the height of the transplanted tree soil ball. Then put the tree lightly in a small pit, vertical well, and then fill in the soil. Fill the soil in the pit once and not too much. Fill it in layers and press it step by step, so that the soil ball will be pressed tightly with the soil in the pit until it is level with the ground. The top of the soil ball should also be basically level with the ground. Then, along the tree cypress, a cofferdam slightly larger than the earth ball should be about 10 cm high and then watered.
6, watering the first time after planting water, and then the entire transplant pit drenched, but the watering speed is slow. The cofferdam can be filled with water every time until the water is completely infiltrated and the cofferdam is filled. This is repeated several times. After the transplanting, the second water was poured the next day, the third water was poured on the fifth day, the fourth water was poured every 3 days, and the fifth water was poured every 7 days. Each time the water is poured, the cofferdam is slowly filled. If the plant can encounter several heavy rains, the number of waterings and the amount of each time will be determined according to the actual situation. It should be noted that the number of waterings should be determined according to the actual situation, and the number of days of separation should also be determined according to actual needs. Each time the amount can not be too much or too little, otherwise it will cause the "bubble root" or the root "drought" to die, which will affect the survival of the transplanted tree. After the fifth round of watering, the management of the transplanted trees is basically the same as that of the spring seedlings.

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