Cotton transplant "four belts" high efficiency

First, with fertilizer. The "cotton picking cotton" and "cotton picking oil" cornices are generally transplanted before the end of May to the beginning of June. In the "married" field five to six days before the combination of easy soil, every 10 square meters of seedlings with 25 kilograms of livestock and poultry leech mixed with 1 kg of urea poured evenly, to promote the root system to absorb more fat, will not be transplanted after 23 days, steep stop Absorbing fat and withering affects survival.

Second, take medicine. In order to destroy the red spider and other pests parasitized on bed seedlings, use “happy spirit” and “dimethoate” pesticides for 4 to 5 days prior to getting married, spray 10 kg of water with 5 kg of pesticides per 10 square meters, so that pest control is concentrated. The use of medicine is economical, and it has received a multiplier effect.

Third, with water, with soil. Three or four days ahead of time use Zympron and other biochemical preparations to promote root-fed anti-rigid seedlings, anti-mite high, anti-injury seedlings, to cultivate dwarf and strong seedlings. 2 days before the start of seedling, pour the root water, to achieve the seedlings without damaging the root system and with the full-length root exoskeleton, with the whole carcass soil, not to cause the soil to dry and crack the carcass, so that the exposed roots will be dry Affect live trees.

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