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(i) Standard of beef cattle In the production of beef cattle, the current domestic beef cattle are mainly the hybrid improved beef produced by foreign beef breeds and local yellow cattle in China, and several local breeds of yellow cattle in China. These cattle were reared in science, especially in the later period. Fertilizer for 3-5 months makes it have good meat performance, with an average weight of 450 kg from 18 to 27 months of age. The quality beef cattle that produce high-grade beef have a weight requirement of 500 to 600 kg.
(II) Selection of Shelf Cattle The quality of shelving cattle is one of the important factors affecting the fattening performance of commercial beef cattle. The selection cattle cattle or the rating standards are introduced in order to promote the beef cattle production and industrialization process in China.
1. Classification of U.S. Shepherd Cows In order to accurately determine the characteristics of U.S. cattle, the U.S. has revised the standards for shelf cows. The purpose of the new rating standards is to be able to accurately determine the characteristics of shelf cattle and provide the following benefits to the beef cattle industry:
As the basis for bargaining by the buyers and sellers in the market, it is easy to group cows on the shelves, and it is convenient for the statistics on the market for the cattle. The new standard considers the cattle size and muscle thickness as the two determinants of rating.
The rack cattle are divided into 3 kinds of racks and 10 levels, namely a large shelf level 1, a large shelf level 2 and a large shelf level 3; the middle shelf level 1, the middle shelf level 2 and the middle shelf level 3; the small shelf is at level 1 and small Shelf level 2, small shelf level 3 and outside. The body requirements are as follows:
Large shelf: It requires a slightly larger shelf, which is tall and long and robust.
In the shelf: requires a slightly larger shelf, higher body and slightly longer, and robust.
Small shelf: The skeleton is small and robust.
Level 1: The thickness of the body is required and the ridge, back, waist, thigh, and front legs are thick and plump. The limbs are well-positioned, the hoof is standing, and the width between the legs is wide, and the proportion of high-quality meat is high.
Level 2: The entire body is narrow. The chest, back, spine, waist, front and rear legs are narrow, and the limbs are close.
Level 3: The thickness of the whole body and all parts is worse than that of the second grade.
Waiting outside: This type of animal is not healthy due to poor husbandry or disease.
2. The principles for cattle selection in cattle production in China, shelf cattle usually refers to cattle without finishing or enough slaughtered body condition, these cattle often need to buy from the farm or farmers to the finishing farm for fattening.
When selecting a rack of cattle, it is necessary to pay attention to beef that is strong, early-maturing, early-fat, not picky-eater, and has high feed rewards. Specific operations should take into account variety, age, weight, gender and physical appearance.
(1) Variety and age In our country, it is currently advisable to select descendants of crossbred cattle or cattle with meat or meat and dairy bulls, such as Charolais cattle, Limousin cattle, Piedmontese cattle, Simmental cattle, and local yellow cattle. Use our country's local yellow cattle breeds, such as Jinnan yellow cattle, Qinchuan cattle, Nanyang cattle and Luxi cattle. The best choice for the age of 1.5-2 years or 15-21 months of age.
(2) Sex If you choose castrated cattle, the castration is better. The castrated cows aged 3 to 6 months can reduce the stress, accelerate the feminization of the head, neck, and limbs, and increase the meat yield. The quality of meat, but the bull's growth rate and feed conversion rate is better than the calf, and the carcass is lean, less fat.
(3) Physical Appearance When selecting a shelf cow, first it is necessary to look at the weight. Normally, a 1.5-2 year old or 15-21 month old cow should weigh more than 300 kilograms, and the height and the bust should be greater than the weight. Average age of development. In addition, some traits cannot be measured by scales, and they must be scaled, and they must be punctured. (8) 恪 1. Chin off the cough 酢 吖 16. 吖 懦 懦 懦 取 取 取 12. Take 12 珉 取 取 取 愕 愕 愕 愕 愕 愕 愕 茏 茏 茏S Julu Yuan Sang has the potential for growth and development of limbs and longer body shelfage cattle. If the young cattle body shape has become symmetrical, the future development will not necessarily be good;
The cross is slightly higher than the height of the body, and the hindlimbs have high fertility.
Soft, dense and velvety beef with good flesh;
Although the development is good, but the temperament is fierce, the nervous cow cannot be considered a healthy cow. Such a cow is difficult to manage.

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