Lagerstroemia two breeding methods

Lagerstroemia breeding usually uses sowing and cutting.

(1) Seeding and breeding. Sowing method is generally suitable for mass reproduction. The practice is to harvest dry seeds in October when they are ripe, use a small cloth bag and put it in a dry and ventilated place. In March of next year, soak it in a 40-50 degree warm water for 2-3 days, remove it and dry it slightly. moment. The sowing is planted in outdoor open space. The soil of the seedbed is plucked and leveled. The planting trench is opened at a spacing of 20 to 25 centimeters wide. The depth of the trench is about 3 centimeters, and then the seeds are evenly withdrawn into the trenches every 3-4 times. A centimeter is a good one. Cover and ditch water after sowing; pay attention to shade and keep moist. After about 50 days, the seedlings can be sprayed out. At this time, the water is poured once, and cultivators and sorghum are planted. In particular, the seedlings are to be planted at a distance of 10-15 cm and the others are unplugged. It can grow to 20-30 cm in height after 1 year, and it can bloom in the 2nd year.

(2) Cutting. Cutting time is generally in late April. Cut the stout branches that bloomed after the first year of the winter and then water them to keep the soil moist. After digging it, it is dug out and cut to a cutting length of about 16 centimeters. It is inserted into loose sandy soil prepared in advance. The seedling distance is 15-20 centimeters, and the depth is 2/3 of the steady one. After pouring, water is poured once. Then cover a layer of fine earth about 5 cm thick. If it does not rain, it will be watered 10-15 days later and it will germinate after about 40 days; it will begin to be covered in May. By July, the height of the seedlings will grow to about 30 centimeters, at which time the grass will be loosened. Until October, when the seedlings grow to 50-60 centimeters, pour a liquid fertilizer after the winter. In March of the following year, the upper branches of the seedlings will be cut off, leaving about 30 cm tall rooted seedlings transplanted, and the soil will be settled on the second day after pouring enough water. Pay attention to watering and fertilization later. It can bloom in the year.

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