Pay attention to melon melon wilt

At present, greenhouse melons are in the flowering period. To ensure the harvest of melons, farmers are reminded to guard against wilt disease.

Melon wilt disease Melon wilt is one of the serious diseases of melons, often causing death of a large number of melon fields. It is a systemic disease that is invaded by soil (nutrient fluid) and invades the vascular bundles from the roots and roots.

Symptoms: The typical symptom of the disease is wilting, and the entire growth period of melons can be affected, but it is most severe when the vines reach the end of the result period. After sowing, it can cause rotten seedlings, and the cotyledon or whole-plant wilting occurs at the seedling stage, and the base of the stem becomes brown and shrinking, showing a cataplexy.

The onset was mostly flowering to fruit setting. At the early stage of disease, the plants showed a gradual wilting of the leaves from the base to the top. This was particularly evident at noon and was recoverable sooner or later. After several days, all the leaves of the plants wilted and no longer returned to normal. The base of the vine was slightly shrunken. The epidermis is rough, often with longitudinal cracks. When the diseased part is wet, the rhizomes are watery and rot. The surface often produces white or pink moldy material.

Prevention and control: The cultivation and management should be strengthened, and the rotation should be used for rotation, the selection of disease-resistant varieties, rational irrigation as the center, and chemical control as the auxiliary comprehensive prevention and control.

Seeds should be sowed before sowing, 40% formaldehyde can be used to prepare 150 times liquid soaking 30 minutes or seed weight 0.2-0.3% of the enemy of the enemy pine or carbendazim seed dressing. Strengthen the cultivation and management, non-dip irrigation and string irrigation, reasonable with fertilizer, can enhance plant disease resistance.

Chemical control: Before the sowing, the disease can be seriously applied to the soil, the ratio of medicine to soil is 1:100, and the bottom of the hole is covered with a cover and covered with soil. The pesticide can be selected from Xiangnong 4 or 50% thiophanate-methyl; at the early stage of disease, if any sporadic diseased plant is found, it can be selected by using Ankur, carbendazim, or 500-1000 times solution of Dixon. 3 two water.

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