Late cotton management

The main targets for the later management of cotton are: to promote the maturity of cotton, early vomiting, no premature aging, no greed. To achieve the above goals, we will focus on the following measures:

First, strengthen field management, and do a good job of late pruning First, the lush foliage of the cotton field, the main stem can be removed under the old leaves, empty branches. The second is to eradicate axillary buds in a timely manner and adhere to the principle of axillary buds. The third is to hit the top of the group, and the group tips of the lower, middle and upper fruit shoots are generally destroyed in several stages. Fourthly, when cotton fields or rain with particularly severe shading are involved, it is necessary to carry out 2-3 pushes and ridges to promote boll opening ripening and prevent and reduce mildew.

Second, foliar spray fertilizer to prevent premature sensation, captured in autumn and mid-batch harvest management should be to prevent premature aging, mainly through foliar spray fertilizer to meet the needs of cotton for nutrients. Foliar spray fertilizer should be sprayed with 1.2% urea + 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate + 0.2% zinc sulfate 0.1% - 0.2% boric acid multi-element fertilizer mixture several times before. After a few spraying 1%-2% of diammonium aqueous solution or 0.3% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate aqueous solution, spray 50 kg of fertilizer aqueous solution every 667 square meters, in order to achieve the purpose of preventing premature aging and promoting early maturation (every 7-10 days Spray once).

Third, artificial chemical ripening to ensure high yield and abundant harvest At the end of September and early October, choose sunny, 667 square meters with 40% ethephon 150-200 ml, 50 kg of water to promote premature ripening. In case of rainy weather in the later period, the ripe peaches with a bell period of more than 40 days can be taken off and soaked in a 0.5-1% ethephon solution. The maximum daily temperature below 20°C can be covered with a plastic film. After the warmth is fully utilized and the effect is fully air-dried, bolls with normal boll opening can be obtained. In order to ensure the drug effect when used with the mix, and can not be mixed with alkaline pesticide spray.

Fourth, timely harvest, to ensure that high-quality and high-quality bolls cracking and sprinkling boll 7 days or so to pick the best, do a good job "four net, two do not accept." "Four nets" means that the flowers on the cotton plants are picked up, the cotton flaps in the cotton shells are removed, the cotton on the ground is picked, and the impurities in the cotton are removed. "Patients not harvesting" means that the peaches that have not completely cracked and matured are not harvested. Dew on the cotton is not collected. In addition, strict strict elimination of "three silk" pollution, that is, chemical fiber, hair, hemp, and so on.

V. Picking Precautions It is best not to use plastic woven bags to pack cotton when picking, shipping, or storage.

As a kind of flavouring in cooking, ginger is very common seen in our life. Generally, we divide the gingers into two kinds, Air-dired Ginger and Fresh Ginger. Air-dired Ginger has less water than Fresh Ginger. We can provide different sizes of Air-dired Ginger, such as 50g,100g, 150g, 200g,250g, 300g, 350g & up. We pack the different sizes of Air-dired Ginger into different packagings, or according to the clients' requirements.

1. Commodity Name: Ginger
2. Feature: Shiny yellow color, plump, clean, smooth, no pests or rotten 
3. Size: 50g,100g, 150g, 200g,250g, 300g, 350g & up
4. Variety: Air-Dried Ginger
5. Packing:
a) calcium plastic carton: 30lbs/ctn, 10lbs/ctn
b) paper carton: 10kg/ctn, 20kg/ctn with plastic bag inner
c) mesh bag: 10kg/bag, 20kg/bag
d) or according to clients' requirements.
6. Supply Period: all Year Round
7. Conveyance: 22-27MT/40' HR( loading quantity depending on packing)
8.Transporting and storing temperature: +13°C
Air-dried Ginger

Air-dried Ginger

Air-Dried Ginger,Air-Dried Fresh Ginger,Dried Ginger,Dried Fresh Ginger