Taiwan yellow mold

The scientific name Portesia taiwana Shiraki is a lepidopteran, poisonous moth family. Alias ​​caterpillars, caterpillars. Distributed in Taiwan, Okinawa and other places.

There are more than 70 kinds of fruits and vegetables and other plants such as asparagus, tomato, corn, peach, puzhao, pear, orange, guava, tea, mulberry, apricot, plum, persimmon and coffee.

Injury characteristics 1 - 2nd instar larvae clustered into nicks or holes and scattered to damage leaves, buds, flowers and fruits. The adult colony sucks juice.

Morphological characteristics Adult body length 9-12mm, females larger than male moths, head, tentacles, chest, fore wings are yellow, compound eye round and black, antennae pinnate, anterior thorax back and front wings of the inner edge of a yellow long hair, forewings in the center of the former From the margin to the inner edge, there are 2 white bands, the inner edges of the hind wings and the bases are covered with pale yellow long hairs, and the ends of the abdomen have orange-yellow lumps. Oval, first pale yellow, dark brown before hatching, ribbons of eggs, each block 20-80, divided into two rows of sticky female tail hair. The larvae are orange-yellow, 25 mm long, brown headed, with toxic hairs on the body segments, and red vertical lines in the central part of the back. In the silk and scale hairs. Cone-shaped, light and shiny. Yellowish brown.

Life habits Taiwan's annual 8-9 generation, the anniversary of the individual growth period, the summer completed 24-34 days, 65-83 days in winter. Eggs were banded, 20-80 grains arranged in 2 rows, with female yellow tail hair attached. From June to July, it was the prosperous period. The egg period was 3 to 19 days, the larval period was 13 to 55 days, and the pupal stage was 8 to 19 days. The newly hatched larvae colonized the plants and gradually dispersed after the third instar. Adults have phototaxis.

Control methods Spray 30% imidacloprid wettable powder 1500 times solution or 50% enemy magnetic mixture 1000 times solution, 20% methomyl emulsifiable concentrate 2000 times solution, 50% phoxim EC emulsion 1000-1500 times solution before 3rd instar.

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Ganoderma Coffee

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