Oat cyst nematode disease

Symptoms of the disease are severe and parasitism is widespread, which has caused concern in all oat regions of the world. Symptoms can be manifested at all stages of development, and the seedling stage is more obvious. The diseased seedlings showed slow growth and decreased yellow or dwarf scores 45 days after sowing. The leaves changed from purple to yellow, which resembled the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency and severe dwarfing of plants. At the later stage, half of the leaves became narrower, thinner, and yellower with smaller spikes and more pods. In case of unfavorable weather, it will lead to death.

The pathogen Heterodera avenae Woll. Oat cyst nematodes are plant parasitic nematodes.

Morphological characteristics, transmission routes and conditions, and control methods can be found in wheat cyst nematode disease.

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