Which can not be put into the digester

Most plants can be used as a raw material for biogas tanks, but not all plants can enter the pool. Such as: walnut leaf, ginkgo leaf, cat's eye, Artemisia annua, Ailanthus altissima, Paulownia leaves, Metasequoia, phoenix leaves, heartbroken grass, stems, pepper leaves, etc. should be prohibited from entering the pool, because they contain inhibitors or kill methanogens The ingredients. Similarly, pesticides, diesel, and calcium carbide cannot be used in biogas digesters. Otherwise, it will cause long-term gas production in the pool. In addition, bean cakes, peanut cakes, cotton cakes, etc., in the absence of air, will produce a phosphating trihydrogen, which is a toxic gas, not only harmful to methane bacteria, but also prone to poisoning after contact with humans and animals. Bran-like cakes are also strictly prohibited from entering the pool.

  1.Good safety of gelatin-free.The first lyophilized Varicella Vaccine, containing no gelatin from animals, invented and produced in China. Getting rid of gelatin from varicella vaccine can significantly decrease the ratio of anaphylaxis incidence .

2.Long validity period by good stability. The first approved varicella vaccine with 36 months of validity period in the world. Adopting BH-2 stabilizer with own IP rights (Chinese patent granted No.: ZL200910138411.6, International patent application No.: PCT/CN2009/001405) greatly enhances the stability of the product and ensures the validity period for 36 months under the storage condition.

3.Better protection with high titer and immune effVaricella Vaccineicacy. It`s documented that compared with the varicella vaccine of low titer, high titer vaccine can reduce breakthrough cases by nearly 75%  in vaccination. Of all released batches of Varicella Vaccine from BCHT, the titers are not less than 10000 PFU/dose tested by National Institutes for Food and Drug Control.

Varicella Vaccine(Live)

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