Women often take birth control pills or can cause bone density to drop

Release date: 2010-04-14

Today, contraceptives are one of the most essential drugs for women. It not only effectively reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancies, but also relieves irregular menstruation, keeps away from acne, reduces cancer risk, and delays aging... However, according to a recent study by American scientists, long-term use of birth control pills may be for young women. The bone density has an effect.
The researchers found that women who took oral contraceptives had an average cervical bone mineral density of 5.9% lower than those who did not, and their systemic mean bone density was 2.3% lower than that of women who did not take it, and their hip bone density data was also low. In addition, the lower the level of estrogen in the contraceptive, its effect on bone density tends to be lower.
The researchers said that this may be because the hormones in the contraceptives affect the hormone levels in women, which affects bone density.
However, the researchers also pointed out that given the many benefits that contraceptives give to women, there is no need to stop taking birth control pills. The best solution is to take active measures to avoid bone loss, such as calcium tablets and vitamin D, exercise, sun exposure, and regular bone density checks. ——Midi Medical News

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