The collection and processing of helium Deng Houqun

Excerpted from: Agricultural Technology Service 2005.04
The osmanthus is processed by the ear glands and skin gland secretions of the amphibians and reptiles, and is a traditional Chinese medicine. Bioactive substances such as steroids and alkaloids contained in wolfberry crisp are widely used for their functions such as detoxification, analgesia, recuperation, and anti-tumor.
(1) Collection of crispy cakes The best summer and autumn seasons, especially June and July, are the best time to collect konjak cakes. Wash the green or adult quail that has been captured or domesticated, dry the water, and feed garlic, chili and other spicy foods. , Or tap the head with a wooden stick to stimulate it to secrete more slurry, then use metal clips or bamboo clips, horn squeegee to scrape, scrape the size of the ears (ear ear glands) and the back of the ears on both sides of the head The granules (skin glands) are obtained as a slurry, which is filled into non-ferrous containers. When scraping, the intensity of the technique should be moderate. If the force is too small, the scraping is not enough. If the force is too great, the blood or skin debris is mixed and the quality is poor. If impurities are mixed, remove them with stainless steel, etc. in time. During the whole process of collection, the following two points should be noted: First, the slurry cannot contact the ironware, otherwise the iron oxide will contaminate the osmanthus and make it discolored, affecting its medicinal value and taking effect; second, special care should be taken when scraping the slurry, and it must not be allowed to Splash into the eye, otherwise it will cause eye poisoning and redness. If the slurry accidentally enters the eye, it should immediately be cleaned and detoxified with Lithospermum juice and then rinsed with water.
(2) Processing and drying of glutinous rice cake Firstly, the pure slurry obtained is passed through a 100-120 mesh copper screen or a nylon mesh screen to remove impurities, and the mixture is further mixed well. The filtrate is then poured into a prepared model container and dried to form a cake cake. Pieces of cake crisp, or evenly coated on a flat glass and dried into a piece of crisp. If the environment is dark and humid, it should be dried at a temperature of about 60°C, otherwise the fermentation will be degraded and scrapped.
(3) Quality inspection The osmanthus finished product is light yellow, and later it gradually turns purple-brown to brown-black. The surface is smooth and slightly shiny, translucent. The crisp cakes and pieces are crisp and hard to break, while the crispy cakes are brittle and brittle, and their sections are brownish red. The chewy sweet taste is slightly sweet, but it has a spicy sensation and its powder smells sneezing. With the surface of purple, shiny cross-section, translucent, sticky water is raised milky foam as top grade. In the market, adulterated osmanthus containing yttrium, starch, egg essence or bone glue is often used, and attention should be paid to identification. The method is as follows:
1. The crushed glutinous rice cake has its cross-section color consistency as the top grade; if it is tainted with blood or skin debris, it is purple black and “stuffed”, and the quality is poor.
2. The osmanthus sample is placed on a non-ferrous metal plate or on tin foil and melted into an oily form. The odor of smoke is pure; if only the appearance is bright, but it is foamed, dissolved, and smelly, then It is an adulterated product that contains impurities such as bone glue or rayon.
3, the glutinous fresh section or its pure surface of sticky water, white foam riser for the good, and slowly thrown light white pulp must be adulterated.
Author unit: Laolin Soil Protection Station, Yingshan County, Sichuan Province

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