Method for improving bottom quality of Penaeus vannamei ponds

1. Develop basic food organisms

After the release of shrimp seedlings, more and more organic materials such as excrement and residual bait have been added as the time of breeding and the growth of individual shrimps have grown. To degrade these organics must have sufficient dissolved oxygen. The cultivation of basic food organisms, and the cultivation of good water color and transparency are the core of stabilizing the ecological environment of the shrimp pond, and it is also one of the effective methods to improve the sediment quality.

2. Using beneficial microorganisms

The use of microbial preparations should be noted: 1 must use high-quality brand-name products. 2 enough to use. 3 regularly used. In general, it is used once every 10 to 15 days. 4 alternate use. Because different microbial preparations have different functions, they should be used interchangeably in order to achieve the ecological balance of the water body and the purpose of both specimens. For example, microbial preparations with a Bacillus-dominant microflora have a unique effect on the improvement of the substrate, while photosynthetic bacteria have the function of purifying the harmful substances in the water and should be used interchangeably. 5 timely use. It should be used in sunny days, but not in cloudy or rainy days. 6 Do not use with antibiotics and sterilizing drugs. Antibiotics and bactericidal drugs kill microorganisms, so they cannot be used at the same time. Within 5 to 7 days after the use of the above drugs, beneficial microbial agents cannot be used.

3. Open aerator

In the middle and late breeding period, aerators will be opened at appropriate times during the night and every day during the day. The boot time is 1 to 2 hours at noon every day to keep the dissolved oxygen in the water above 5 mg/l.

4. Sewage and sewage

In order to facilitate the suction of sewage, when the shrimp ponds were built, the bottom of the pool was consciously made into a pot shape. After the dirt was opened in the aerator, they all gathered at the bottom of the pool to facilitate the suction of dirt. When a shrimp is raised in a high position, it is often drained. When the high level pool is under construction, there is a special water pipe connecting the bottom of the pool and the drainage ditch. Before the daily feeding, open the sewage hole and stop the sewage after the sewage is drained away.

5. Zeolite powder

Zeolite powder is an excellent bottom modifier and is widely used in shrimp culture. The method of use is to spread the whole tank evenly, and the dosage is 20 to 30 kilograms each time.

6. Oxygen enhancer

Oxygenating agents are generally used in emergency situations, and they also have a good effect on improving the bottoms. The oxygenating agent can quickly settle to the bottom, effectively releasing the molecular active oxygen, increasing the redox potential of the water body, and increasing the oxygen content of the water body.

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