No-till planter troubleshooting

Missed sowing: No-tillage sowing machine in the work, if there is a phenomenon of missed sowing, it shows that the input tube is blocked or off. It is also possible that the seedlings are damaged by leakage. When this kind of phenomenon is discovered, it is necessary to stop the inspection and remove it in time; put the seeding tube back in place or replace the seeding tube.

Rows of fertilizers are not rotating: The reason why the rows of fertilizers do not rotate is that the fertilizer is too wet or the fertilizer is too much and the particles are too large to cause blockage, so that the fertilizer cannot be applied to the soil unimpeded. The exclusion method is: Clean spiral feeders. Break down chunks of fertilizer.

Depth of inconsistency: The reason for this is that the compression spring pressure of the operating components is inconsistent. The exclusion method is: Raise the planter's trenching assembly and adjust the spring pressure of the sowing row. Guarantees the same spring pressure as other groups.

Inconsistent seeding spacing: This is caused by damage to the work assembly limit plate or loosening of the mounting bolts between the work assembly and the rack. Causes the work components to sway, resulting in inconsistent seeding spacing. When this happens, stop the job and check and tighten the bolts that secure the work assembly to the rack.

Uneven sowing rate: The reason for the non-uniform seeding rate of the no-tillage planter is that the length of the blocking wheel on the opening of the metering device is inconsistent. Or the loosening bolts of the somatosensory regulator are loose, resulting in large and small seedlings. The solution to this problem is to readjust the opening of the metering device and tighten the mounting bolts on the regulator.

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